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Now you can use the same wood-fiber tools and cutting surfaces used by professional chefs in restaurants and food service kitchens across the country. Sage Smart Culinary Surfaces and Sage Cook Tools are hygienic, knife friendly and dishwasher safe, and all Sage products are FSC® Certified, making Sage an environmentally conscious choice.

Cutting Boards

Strong & durable, yet thin and lightweight

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Cook Tools

Safe for nonstick cookware, unbreakable and sanitary

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Features & Benefits

Knife friendly

Resists deep cut marks and protects the edge of your prized knives.

Dishwasher Safe

Will hold up to harsh cleaners, yet can also be cleaned with mild and earth-friendly cleaning products.


Sage boards are made in Seattle by skilled artisans.

Heat Resistant

Can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees F and can be used as a trivet for hot pans.


Nonporous and do not harbor bacteria. They cannot be cut deep enough to allow bacteria to penetrate a scratch.

Environmentally Responsible

Made from FSC® Certified wood.
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juice groove

Deep channel with wide
radius makes cleaning easy.

Nonskid Foot

Holds boards in place during use; won’t
come off, even in the dishwasher.

sage leaf logo

The cutout can be used as
a handle or for hanging.

Environmentally Friendly

And tested for health & safety

• Sage is FSC® Certified (

• Read Products donates 1% of Sage sales to 1% for the Planet.